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Below are gestures I've made. If you'd like any of them, feel free to take them. Just right click on the name and choose "save target as". Save them in your c:\program files\vplaces\exts\gestures directory. If you don't see them right away in your palette, press F5 to refresh the palette. These gestures are all named with 'jackie' at the start so that they will all save in consecutive order. So if you save more than one, you will find them all in the same spot on your palette.

Most of the gestures show the icon that will appear in your palette when you download these.

Download WinZip if you need it to unzip some of the gestures.

Obviously a lot of these are for when you meet assholes in the chat room.
Icon File Name Words
Get out of the room, asshole jackieassroom.vpa Get out of the room, asshole
jackieaustin.vpa Austin Powers dancing
jackieyeahbaby.vpa [Austin Powers] Yeah baby
jackiemybag.vpa [Austin Powers] This sorta thing ain't my bag baby
You're boring jackieboring.vpa I'm not saying that you're boring (fox yawning)
jackiebornasshole1.vpa Were you born an asshole? (part 1)
jackiebornasshole2.vpa Or did you work at it your whole life? (part 2)
jackiebornasshole3.vpa Cuz you're an asshole tonight (part 3)
jackiehanging.vpa Don't leave me hanging
You just wish you were Canadian jackiecanada.vpa You just wish you were Canadian
jackiechillasshole.vpa Chill asshole!
Don't fuck with me asshole jackiedontf*ckwithme.vpa Don't f*ck with me asshole
jackiegottafly.vpa It's that time, I gotta fly!
Jackie the mugslayer jackiemugslayer.vpa Jackie the Mugslayer, weekdays at 9:00
You're making me shake jackieshake.vpa mmmm, you're making me shake
VP Addict jackievpaddict.vpa I may be spending too much time here
jackiezzcaps.vpa Turn your CAPS off, stupid
jackiegetchat.vpa Tells people where to get the chat program
jackieswallow.vpa Do you expect me to believe that?
jackiebreakfastbeer.vpa Beer, it's not just for breakfast any more
jackieletsparty.vpa I've got the balloons, so let's party
This means war jackiethismeanswar.vpa Of course you know, this means war
Stay jackiestayabit.vpa Stay, just a little bit longer
jackiefuckingidiot.vpa I don't think you're aware that you're an idiot
jackielikeyou.vpa Say, I like you!
jackiehelloroom.vpa Hello Room!!!
Certainly jackiecertainly.vpa Certainly! Whatever you want
jackiemydrugs.vpa I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines
jackiehigh5.vpa High 5
jackiehaveahug.vpa (Beavis/Butthead) Can I have a hug?
jackiegotobathroom.vpa (Beavis/Butthead) I have to go to the bathroom
jackieasskicking.vpa I do the ass kicking around here!
jackiedrunk.vpa We're gonna buy this beer and get drunk!
jackiecheckoutbutt.vpa Hey check out my butt
jackieinjured.vpa You're about to be injured
jackiesoberup.vpa Ok, buddy, you go sober up
jackiecool.vpa That was kewl!
jackiefriendship.vpa I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
jackieallisay.vpa And that's all I have to say about that
jackielookingat.vpa What are you looking at, butthead?
jackiealrightythen.vpa Aaaaaaalrighty then
jackiebeautifulwoman.vpa You are a beautiful woman
jackieallanswers.vpa I should have all the answers in about 10 minutes
jackiebeammeup.vpa Scotty, Beam me Up
jackiebackoffpervert.vpa Back off you pervert!
jackiebetter.vpa I've had better
badbadgirl.zip [music] "Criminal" by Fiona Apple - 2 gestures zipped
oneweek.zip [music] "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies - 2 gestures zipped
jackievomit.vpa You make me want to vomit
jackiebitehard.vpa I won't bite.... hard
jackiecat.zip Goodbye, cat
jackielisten.vpa You don't listen, do ya?
jackiewrong.vpa Wrong! You're always wrong. I am right and you are wrong!
jackiecouldtalk.vpa Could someone talk to me?
jackiefinger.vpa You don't know where that finger's been
jackieloveyouman.vpa I love you man
jackiedumbass.vpa Dumbass
jackiefreaking.vpa Stop it! You're freakin' me out!
jackiegetlost.vpa I never liked you... get lost!
If you're waiting for a hug... jackiewaithug.vpaIf you're waiting for a hug, you might want to pack a lunch
Hand me a 2-iron jackiefairways.vpa Fairways & Greens.... hand me a two-iron
Welcome Back! jackiewelcomeback.vpa Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!
I'm too old jackietooold.vpaI'm too old for this kid's stuff
Get gestures and avs at Ing's Place jackieingsplace.vpaGet gestures and avs at Ing's place
Ice Cream jackieicecream.vpaI scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream
Have Another Drink jackiehaveadrink.vpaHave another drink!
Happy Birthday jackiebirthday.vpaHappy Birthday!!!!!!!
I'm Deranged jackiederanged.vpaWell, I suppose I'm deranged
I need a smoke jackiecigarette.vpaI need a smoke
Jackie smoking jacsmokin.vpaJackie is here...and SMOKIN' made for me by Watcher
Jackie smoking jackieanydaynow.vpaAny day now, mama
I broke a thousand hearts jackiebrokehearts.vpaI broke a thousand hearts, before I met you
Wake me jackiewakeme.vpaWake me when someone decides to chat
Come back jackiecomeback.vpaCome back!!!!!!!!!
Thank you jackiethankyou.vpaThank you
Shagadelic jackieshagadelic.vpaI think you're shagadelic baby, you're switched on, you're smashing!
Excellent Driver jackiedriver.vpaI'm an excellent driver
Eat Cat 1 jackieeatcat1.vpaDid you ever think when you eat chinese, it ain't pork or chicken but a fat siamese (part 1)
Eat Cat 2 jackieeatcat2.vpaYet the food tastes great so you don't complain, but that's not chicken in your chicken chow mein (part 2)
Eat Cat 3 jackieeatcat3.vpaSeems to me I ordered sweet & sour pork, but Garfield's on my fork (part 3)
Jerry Springer jackiespringer.vpaGotta go, it's time for Springer, & billy joe bob and his sister
I gotta go pee jackiepee.vpaBRB - i gotta go pee
absofuckinglutely jackieabso.vpaAbsof*ckinglutely!
That's gotta hurt!!!!! jackiegottahurt.vpaThat's gotta hurt!!!!
Check his penis jackiecheckpenis.vpaCheck his penis, is it longer than mine?
God, I love this room jackieloveroom.vpaGod, I love this room! I love you guys.
Spank you very much jackiespank.vpaSpank you very much
Hello jackiehello.vpaHello (heeheehee)
Good luck my friend jackiegoodluck.vpaGood luck my friend
Move it jackiemoveit.vpaC'mon, move it, lardass!!!
Frankly son, you frighten me jackiefrighten.vpaFrankly son, you frighten me
I'm a bad girl jackiebadgirl.vpaI'm a bad girl!!
Fat, drunk & stupid jackiefatdrunk.vpaFat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life!
Hands off keyboard jackiekeyboard.vpaMove your hands off my keyboard NOW
OK I love you, byebye jackieloveya.vpaOk, I love you, byebye
It's me jackiehowyadoin.vpaIt's me, hi, how ya doin', oh my god, how've ya been?
You go, girl jackiegogirl.vpaYou go, girl
Get away from me jackieshootyou.vpaGet away from me or I'm gonna shoot you, alright?
That's a pile of shit jackiepileof.vpaThat is one big pile of shit
I'm gonna go home, have some sex jackiehavesex.vpaI'm gonna go home, have some sex
Will evil never rest jackieevilrest.vpaWill evil never rest???? [Happy Halloween]
I luv you jackieiluvyou.vpaI luv you!!!
Grandma jackiegrandma.vpaI'm old enough to be your grandma.. *maybe*
Can you do this jackiebugstrick.vpaThat's a pretty good trick doc, but can you do this???
Rudolph jackiechristmas.vpaMerry Christmas Everybody!!
Rudolph jackiehohoho.vpaHo Ho Ho!!!
I feel fine jackiefeelfine.vpaI Feel Fine!!!

Proud Member of the Society of Gesture Makers

That's all I have for you right now. I'll update this page as I make more. All these gestures have sound and animation. If you find any that aren't working properly, please email me.

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